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Love Child

I drink a lot of tea. I haven’t really found any I don’t like. Since it’s kind of a new subject for many people I know, I thought I’d start a series about the teas that I’ve been drinking. At this moment of time, most of my teas are from Adagio Teas but I hope to expand this as time goes on.

Love Child

Name: Love Child
Ingredients: Rooibos Vanilla, Fruit Medley, Chamomile
Water Temperature: 212°F
Steeping Time: 7 Minutes

This is from a set of teas created by the people behind Diggnation. This is where I started my loose leaf journey. I’ve had a few of the others but this is the one I’ve had most recently. As with any other tea, it tastes like it smells. You can definitely taste the vanilla and the fruit. It has a fruity taste.

It’s quite interesting if you’re only used to drinking tea from restaurants, which is usually a straight black tea. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is that loose leaf tea tastes so much better, as long as you brew it properly, than tea bags. The oils in the tea are destroyed by the processing and packaging. If you like tea, give yourself the pleasure of tasting a properly brewed cup of loose leaf. As I get more posts, I’ll start posting information on how to brew and what equipment you’ll need to do it properly.

Here’s to everyone having a great cup of tea. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment and I’ll look into getting some for myself.